2 months in Colombia : itinerary and budget

So I spent 2 months in Colombia, complete 60 days ! And here is my budget split as usual in each category.

While preparing my trip in Colombia, I knew more or less the big steps to go but there are always unexpected situations and program changes. Whether it was the itinerary, the length of each or each stop or even transportation mean.

So here is what has been my final itinerary of those 60 days in Colombia :

D1-D39 : Medellin including 2 days in Guatapé and 4 days in Jardin
D40-D42 : Cartagena
D43-D46 : Rincon del Mar
D47-D48 : Cartagena
D48-D49 : Bogota
D49-D51 : Villa de Leyva & Raquira
D52-D61: Bogota

By order of expanses of those 2 months, in May 2019, 1€ = 3700 pesos colombianos (COP).

The budget the most important will have been accommodation. I spent 2 056 000 COP, that to say 575€. It is shared between a private room at a local for 40 days, nights at hostels and a small treat in a luxury hotel in Jardin.
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For my 10 days in Bogota, I had experienced for the first time Workaway. In exchange of a service for the resident, I had been accommodate for free.

Next are my flight budget. For all, it represents 1 836 000 COP, or 516€. That is simple, I took 3 flights : Paris-Medellin, Medellin-Cartagena and Cartagena-Bogota. Prices included a checked luggage.

Then, I am going to talk through my expanses for transportation in Colombia. In total, I spent 788 400 COP, or 219€. I mainly get on place to an other in metro in Medellin which doesn’t cost very much, in buses to gather close cities/villages ant taxi (or Uber) in Bogota. This is the last point that made the budget got higher.

To feed myself, I spent in all and for all 2 159 000 COP, or 597€. It included groceries, restaurants, extras/treats. Supermarkets are cheap in Colombia, and especially fruits and vegetables !

My basic budget was 6 839 400 COP, that to say 1920€ for 2 months.
Knowing that I made some good extras. For example, I spent 3 nights at a luxury hotel in Jardin, ate in some few pricier restaurants, or even more took flights instead of buses. If you are more into a tight budget and need to be careful about your expanses, you can manage it for about 700€ per month.

Adding to that some activities I made during this time which represent 560 000 COP, or 156€. In this amount is included entrance fees of an activity or the activities themselves.

And mostly, I have been to a school to learn Spanish. It represented a huge amount of my final budget I knew already but it was an obligation to me because I didn’t absolutely speak the language. I paid 590€ for 4 weeks of intensive classes with 20 hours per week (4 hours a day) and 4 hours of individual classes more.

Finally, we can add some miscellaneous expenses which were datas for the phone for 77 000 COP (21,50€), some laundries I made for 26 000 COP (7,20€) and I put here toilets mainly in bus stations for 3 700 COP (1€).

After that, you can make some shopping, go to clubs etc ….

And with this budget, I lived very comfortably. Nothing missed, or sometimes too much. More on the higher side of travelers in Colombia.

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