6 months in Argentina : itinerary and budget

Thanks to my Argentina WHV, I could have stayed in the country more than the 3 months authorized without a visa. Those 6 months were full of discoveries and meetings. I have been able to travel all over the country. These 6 months have been cut with other travels into other countries in South America such as Peru or Chile. At the end, in total, I really spent 6 months on the Argentinian territory.

I will now get into my full itinerary and the budget allowed to it !

With the WHV Argentina, you get the chance to work if you want to. Well me no, I decided not to work. My visa is only used to get in and out the territory as many times as I wanted and also for the length of my stay. I had 1 legal year in Argentina but 6 months were more than enough for me !

My goal was to travel the whole country, visit all those legendary places of Patagonia, discover Argentinian culture and most important, take my time ! And if you know me a bit, you know I like to plan my trip only one way. I don’t like to go back and forth.

So here is how went those 6 months in Argentina time-wise :

July-August : Buenos Aires and surroundings
October : Puerto Madryn > Rio Gallegos > Ushuaia > El Calafate > El Chalten > Los Antiguos
Early November : Chilean Patagonia and Carretera Austral
Mid-November : San Martin de Los Andes > Villa La Angostura > Bariloche
December : Mendoza > San Rafael > Malargue > San Juan > La Rioja > Villa Union
January : Salta > Tucuman > San Ignacio > Iguazu > Buenos Aires

This is my entire itinerary, so I literally made a loop of the country. And this is a fun itinerary to follow. You can get inspired for your trips to come.

Now, the budget ! In 2019, the Argentinian peso value went pretty down which allowed me to travel comfortably in the country. It was even more true starting August 2019 where the change went radically in our favor. Travel in Argentina has become more affordable than ever. Few years before, it was considered the same than travelling in France or Europe.

Now, I am going to present you all my important expenses :

First, plane tickets. I will round it at 1000 €. Indeed, I came from Colombia with a one-way ticket with 2 stops. And then I left Argentina to go back to France also with a one-way ticket and several stops. Anyway, coming to Argentina by plane is a lot of money, especially one-way. But the average round trip plane ticket you can get is around 800-1000 €.

 My second important expense is obviously accommodations. For those 6 months living in Argentina, I spent 1080 €. So little when you convert it by month, it makes 180 € per month ! How ? First of all, hostels. In Argentina, they are affordable, more in the north than Patagonia. But in general, coming from Europe, this is not « overpriced » like we can heard. Then all the month of August, I spent it in a volunteering in an Argentinian family so I was accommodate for free. Finally, some night buses allowed me to save some hostels nights. Despite that, I needed to spent some time alone from time to time. There were some places where I upgraded my accommodation into a hotel room for example.

It is true that the budget for transportation is non-negligible because it costs a lot to get yourself from a point to the opposite point of the country. Either by land or by plane. Just so you can picture it yourself, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia is 3 hours by plane non-stop !
Long-distance buses to travel throughout the whole country costed me 550 €. I will give you in an other post some tips to travel comfortably and saving some money at the same time.
Then, taxis, transfers and public transports within cities costed me 100 €.

To save a lot of money on food, I choose to cook myself in the hostels. I often treated myself by tasting some ice creams, pastries … At the end, I went only at a few restaurants even if they are pretty affordable in comparaison to France. In total, I spent 890 € on food all included !

Then, I obviously enjoyed of every beautiful thing Argentina could offer : tours, bike, guided tours, vineyards … For all my activities, I spent 850 €. This price includes all tours and parks’entrance fees. I managed to save some money because I negotiated with agencies, often because I paid by cash or I booked several tours with them ! Do not hesitate to ask !

Like I remind you every time, this budget will vary according to your comfort notion : if you prefer hotels, if you don’t want to stay 12 hours in a bus, if you rather take a taxi instead of walking … But more or less, you can have a general idea of the cost to travel in Argentina.

I hope this will help you plan your future trip. Do not hesitate to check my itinerary and budget of my 2 months in Colombia here.

See you soon,


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