A day getaway to Miyajima

Miyajima, or Itsuku-shima, is about 45 minutes train ride from the city of Hiroshima. Easy to access for a one-day trip outside of an effervescent city.

miyajima island
Miyajima Island
How to get there ?

By public transportation is the easiest way. First of all, the train from Hiroshima station will get you to Miyajimaguchi station. Then, you will have to walk 5 minutes to the ferry pier which will take you to the beautiful tiny island of Miyajima.

Price : 410 yens one way train ride + 180 yens one way ferry
both are included with national or regional JR pass
And what to do there ?

This might be one of the coolest days I have ever spent over this entire trip : a mixture of nature and typical village, perfect to be away for a while. Add to this some sunshine and voila an amazing day.
When the ferry arrives, you will get through the counters where a map of the island is distributed in almost every languages ! Take it, it will help you a lot. Then, choices are up to you.

momijidani miyajima
Momijidani Park

As for me, I climb up to Mount Misen by Momiji trail, one of the easiest paths to the summit as they say. Pretty easy yes but kind of sporty. You will be in the middle of nature, trees and birds singing. By getting there early in the morning, there will be less people and/or walkers. Count around 90 minutes to make it to the top. Or you can take Omoto or Daisho-in trail, more difficult.

mount misen miyajima
Mount Misen

Once up there, you will get an outstanding view over the bay hoping a sunny day is expected. To get down, nothing difficult … take the path in the opposite direction, choose one of the other trail path or the easy way, hop on the ropeway. I choose this last option to have a different view of the landscape, count 15 to 20 minutes for the descent.

Ropeway price : 1000 yens one way (or 1800 yens return)

The afternoon was about wandering along those little alleys of the village, between souvenirs shops and street food shops. Also, for pictures nearby the famous great grand torii, accessible when low tide. Don’t forget to get a look on tide schedule.

torii miyajima
Grand Torii

Treats not to miss : the Momiji Manju
This little stuffed maple leaf cake is unique to Miyajima. You can buy souvenir boxes of one or several flavors. However, be careful of their short expiration date, even if they are still good passed the date (yes approved), it will simply be not as good as first day !
Warning : I didn’t find them anywhere else than Miyajima, not in Osaka, Kyoto or even Tokyo !
The only danger you can have : get your cake stolen by a deer !

momiji manju
Momiji manju

I can’t recommend this charming little island enough. I just loved walking around and spending a whole day there, despite tourists’ crowds . And you, what did you think of Miyajima ?

See you.


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