Bucket List : 2019 Edition

This year, I decided to write down my goals for 2019. 2019 will be a special year to me because early on this year, I took a big decision that might (or not) change the course of my life … Post to come. We always want to do a lot but this is a mess in the head. Nothing is better than just listing a bucket list that I want to accomplish this year. I might come read it time to time, see if my needs have changed or just see if I succeed my bet … or just screw up my organization !

1. Learn Spanish

Yes, I decided to travel 1 year in South America. Before that, I didn’t have the time because I used to travel on short period of time. But now, I will got the time to settle down to learn this language that my parents refused me to learn back then, afraid that I ended in a bad class … #stereotype #stupididea #germanisbad

But … I have to admit that my life could gone in a different direction if I learnt Spanish at school ! Who knows ?

To do so, I make a stop in Colombia before Argentina.

2. Travel in Colombia

Among emerging destinations, I call Colombia. For all the various landscapes, its cultural wealth and the welcoming they say people.

It is one of the destinations that is easy to learn Spanish because the accent is low and much easier to understand. I will talk about it later.

3. Discover Argentina

I decided to go 1 year in South America and more specifically, in Argentina !! Yesss. Rather than running around the world, from country to country, I prefer settle in 1 country ! And eventually, pass through neighboring countries such as Chile or Uruguay for example.

In this category, I still have few goals :

  • Go to Patagonia Argentina : Perito Moreno, Fitz Roy …
  • See Iguazu falls
  • Reach Ushuaia
  • Visiting Argentine vineyards

4. Discover Chile

Border with Argentina, it is a good way to say hi to Chilean people. Especially that airplane tickets for this destination costs a fortune ! Being in the same continent, it will be easier for me.

Like the other category, many goals in mind :

  • Go to Chilean Patagonia : some kind of difference
  • Visiting Torres del Paine
  • Easter Island : okay, this one will depend on the budget !!

5. Why not Antarctica …

This is completely a crazy idea and yet more accessible than ever if I am in Argentina, and especially in Ushuaia !! We will see if I splurge or not …

6. Why not discover new passions, new projects …

This time, much more personal and at the same time professional …

I think this is quite goals for one year, and I plan to take my time ! For once I will have time to slow down for one year !!

And you ? Do you have a bucket list for 2019 ?



  1. Cate

    so many great goals for 2019!!

    wish you to complete them all!

    Cate // 35mminstyle


    1. Wander & So

      Hope so too 🙂


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