City Trip : 3 days in Lisbon

After my trip in Porto, I decide to visit the Portuguese capital city : Lisbon. This city has everything to enjoy : sun, good vibes and delicious food ! Easily accessible by plane with low-costs airlines, 3 days is an ideal length of stay to visit Lisbon without running everywhere.

From the airport, the fastest way to go to city center is metro. With the red line which is located at Terminal 1, you will reach the center in less than 30 minutes.

1 metro ticket : 1,50 € + 0,50 € for the magnetic card

Choose an accommodation close to a metro station or directly in the heart of the historical center.

The historical center : Alfama


This is the heart of the historical center of Lisbon. Where Fado is born, where the famous Fado singer Amalia lived. This not-to-miss neighborhood is a giant labyrinth of little streets. You will love losing yourself in those streets where colorful houses and ceramic houses are mixing together ! The city itself is made of ups and downs, go get some amazing point of views !

The touristic district : Baixa

An other face of Lisbon, this time more modern and touristy. This neighborhood starts from Praça do Comercio in the south and goes all the way up to Dom Pedro square. These streets are in a grid pattern with the main street Rua Augusta. You will find shops like you can find in major big European cities. Same for trap tourists restaurants.

Praça do Comercio

From Dom Pedro square, you can go to Avenida da Liberdade which is considered as Champs-Elysees of Lisbon. This big long street has some of the most luxurious shops !

The center district : Chiado

It is located between Bairro Alto and Baixa neighborhoods. An authentic one as well, with lots of stairs, pretty typical of Lisbon. You will continue to get lost in those alleys. The pretty Luis de Camoes square is there. And more south, there is a big market : Mercado da Ribeira. It is also a big food court where little shops are settled all along the entrepot. In the middle of it, big tables are there, perfect for sharing with each others.

I strongly advise you to try Santini ice cream !! Just a killer !

The night district : Bairro Alto

By day, this neighborhood is very cute and typical Lisbon with its nice little paved alleys to get lost !

By night, this is an other story. Not being a party girl, I decided though to see the vibes this area can offer at night ! And I was so far beyond imagine that it was just a drinking binge. Everyone are out in the streets with their glass of beer in the hand, shouting all in a oppressing noise ! Every corner of every streets was the same as the previous one, until I got to the « pink street » where there was literally some kind of pink carpet and only bars and clubs. You will find people so drunk they will wee on Lisbon’s walls, or even so bad they will just be in a dark alley on the floor … It was too much !

This neighborhood is so filled with those depraved parties that there is almost no local people living there ! Such a shame …


Accessible by bus, this district is well-known for the famous Pasteis de Nata ! There is a line out the shop just to taste this little typical custard pie of Portugal ! You can sit inside as well where a huge common room is held.

Belem Tower

But you don’t have to go to Belem to taste those Pasteis, unless you want to see Belem tower … Because in Lisbon, there is a shop that bakes those pies as good as Belem’s ones : Mateigaria, 2 Rua do Loreto ! Even if the Pasteis of Belem are really good, those of Manteigaria are a little bit more excellent !

And if you have a little time more left in Lisbon, go to Sintra ! It is a cute little village at 30 minutes driving. In Sintra, there is such cute monuments to see. As for me, I got to visit Palacio da Palacio da Peña. It is a colorful palace, very photogenic, with a beautiful view of the whole region !

Palacio da Pena (park only) : 7,50 €
Palacio da Pena (park and castle) : 14 €
Palacio da Peña

I also got to visit Quinta da Regaleira which is absolutely stunning !! We can call it a manor very ancient baroque build in a huge garden, with a wells build with an interior stair and its underground walkways.

Quinta da Regaleira : 8 €
Quinta da Regaleira

To go to Sintra, I strongly recommend you to rent a car because the city is on heights with the curvy and steepy roads. It will be easier to go from one place to another.

Try to go to Cabo da Roca which is the most occidental point of Europe continent.

This little getaway to Lisbon will have been a very pleasant surprise ! It is a very beautiful city with such an amazing cultural heritage ! There is music everywhere on squares, people are friendly, ambiance is great ! I will go back there for sure !

Have you ever been to Lisbon ? Any recommandations for a future trip ?

See you.


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