My daily beauty essentials

I have in my make up bag essentials that I use daily, even when I travel ! Those I couldn’t never get bored or those I absolutely have to use or I will miss « something » !

If I had to choose one product : Mascara 

I have known this little product easy to go very early at 12 I think … This is THE product because my eyes are pretty small and my lashes pretty straight and without volume … The mascara allows me to expand my look, define my eyes and get those lashes a little bit of life ! But before I get to this point, I had discover the ultimate tool : the lash curler. This instrument is used to curl lashes, which seemed scary at first but once you got it, you cannot live without. And this was it : mascara effect by 10 ! The only problem was that I have to use a waterproof mascara to hold the curve…

My perfect combo : Shu Uemura eyelash curler (37 €) and Lash Sensational waterproof mascara from Maybelline (about 10 €).

My second product choice : Concealer

Suffering from hormonal acne, every cycle, I get spots. Without concealer, I cannot be confident outside with everyone looking at me. Psychologically, I feel spied because of those dawn spots. Concealer is my only solution to feel a little bit presentable on those crisis moments. I obviously choose it in my skin tone with yellow undertone to balance the redness of spots. I prefer buildable coverage, because too full coverage, I find it to be unnatural like you have beige/orange patches all over the face. Like that, I can really build my own coverage : better not enough than too much !

My concealer : Studio Finish SPF 35 from Mac in shade NC35 (19 €)

And a third one to go : Eyeliner

Whether a pen, in gel, liquid or in powder, I have to bring out the eyes. Because of my little tiny eyes, I want to correct/emphasize what is complexing me. My perfect eyeliner is a pen because it is easy to use and to go. I find it more handy and more easy to use than a gel or in liquid. The tip has to be pretty steady and fine, and the black very black. It has to be waterproof so it can stay all day.

My favorite ones : I can’t say that I have found THE one because I am still looking to try new ones but if I had to choose one for now, it will be Ink Liner from Kat Von D (20 $). The only difference with Tattoo Liner (20 $) is that its tip in more hard.

And for small budget : Super Liner Perfect Slim from L’Oréal (about 11 €).

And you, what are your beauty essentials ?


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