Quit your job to travel

2019 is an important year to come for me. I took a radical decision that might change my future life. I decided to quit everything to travel ! Such a decision doesn’t come to your mind the next morning !

A morning in July 2018 ...

I love travelling, everyone knows it ! Travel to me is beyond posting cards clichés, ticking this or that place to be (the difference with visiting) ou even getting a sunbath and gaining 10 kg in 3 weeks ! It is a deep anchored feeling inside that is close to ectasy. To compare that with, imagine you eat something so delicious that for 10 seconds, you get overwhelmed with this feeling ! Well … this is pretty much the same !

Every holidays, I leave ! But unfortunately, we are limited to our 5 weeks of annual holidays per year ! Unfortunately yes, but also luckily !!! When I see our American friends or Canadians which only get 2 weeks a year, I guess we are pretty lucky right ? Besides that, there is some kind of frustration that eats us little by little …

And then, one morning in July, I woke up feeling weird … Something was wrong, I wasn’t like usual ! Impossible to explain …

Deep looking inside ...

When you come to this point, there is 2 schools : the one where you morn yourself and the other where you try to find solutions ! You will get it, I prefer understand what was wrong with me !

I have everything to be happy : a well paid job, a house, many trips a year, a healthy family … and yet, I am half happy !

And by digging a little bit more, I figure that the holy job I am in, I learnt everything I had, I am just done. I just settled my routine. Despite my travels that make me want to work, this is always the same thing. The phrase everyone knows : metro-work-sleep !!!

And I figure that I was driven by challenges … I need challenges in my life !!

To the little seed to grow ... 

So we try to ask the right questions. What do I want to do with my life ? What do I want to achieve ? What would make me happy ?

And the first obvious answer is to travel !

Travel is great, but to go where ? Do what ? How ? So I started to get informations on similar blogs, there was several options … A round-the-world trip. In the idea, it was cool but I looked like more like my 2 to 3 holiday weeks multiplied by 12 ! At the end, it makes me run more after the clock than anything. What I truly wanted was to be able to live the moment now, let the unknown and opportunities come.

And then, I got into WHV meaning Working Holiday Visa.

But what is it ? Basically, it is a 1 year visa in one of the countries in agreement with France allowing the recipient to stay a whole year on the territory to travel and work if needed to contribute to his travel !

The idea is awesome, be able to discover a country in a slow travel mode and work if needed ! Great, and among all destinations, there is one that brings my attention : Argentina !

Mature the project ...

I get informations about the feasibility of my idea, my project that sounds so crazy ! I’ve never been gone away for so long, and yet, this is a challenge I am willing to take.

Among the problems to face :

  • the visa appliance
  • the funding
  • quit the job
  • the paperwork
  • the trip preparation

There is much to do and it takes some time to carry out this project ! Finally, it seems doable to me in the sense that I have the fund.

Make this project happen !

The first step, before doing anything, was to announce my resignation ! I could have negotiate a leave without pay of or a sabbatical leave but it was to hold on something I didn’t want anymore anyway.

After lots of thoughts, I decided to go for it ! I choose not to regret my choices that might never represent itself again ! I want my 29th year to be marking, face the unknown and unexpected, be fulfill with adventures, emotions and meetings ! I want to slow down this year before get into a new chapter of my life with new projects, new desires or new passions …

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