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Solo Travel : 2 weeks in Nicaragua

By this new year 2018, I decided to solo travel for the first time across the world … in Nicarague !
My South America trip marked me in every way possible … whether experiences, landscapes and self-reflection. I finded out a new way of travelling I never experienced before, half way between backpacking and travelling with friends. A good way to initiate « backpacking » spirit. I mostly met incredible people with different path but most of all… women travelling alone (more than men yes !) ! And that was the breaking point because it was inconceivable to me to travel by my own and yet …

el pital
El Pital

Seeing those brave women going from cities and/or countries, it makes sense : I have to solo travel !

Obviously, I had to choose the destination with some kind of safety.

First, Costa Rica caught my eye but price point and transportation means annoyed me a bit. Then, I quickly change my destination to Nicaragua. Less touristy, less expensive but full of incredible landscapes.

somoto canyon
Somoto Canyon

I never heard of this country before, so the second point was about safety. Right in the middle of Central America, Nicaragua did not get a good reputation. I have to be sure not to put me in danger obviously.

Reviews were mixed after all my researches. You can read misadventures, safety advises which can dissuade you to leave and also, the total opposite of that.

Here is my experience:

  • I found Nicaragua extremely safe
  • Nicaraguyan people are kind and thoughtful : ready to help when I seemed so lost or the difficulty of the language
  • They are very curious and talk easily with me … on every subject !
  • I never had a misadventure in public transportation (famous chicken buses)
  • I never felt unsafe both day and night … except for a little incident in Esteli
  • As a woman, I experienced some catcall !
  • In Nicaragua, you can find someone who can speaks a bit of English in touristy places (unlike Peru or Bolivia)
Balgue, Ometepe Island

Knowing all that, I obviously followed some basic rules … which work even in my daily basis. I was not a big surprise and a bit of awareness when I travel !

I am talking in particular about :

  • not walking alone in the middle of the night
  • be careful about my most important belongings in my daily back that I hold on to like my life depends
  • trust my gut : streets, restaurants, people …
  • try to be confident

After this safety review, know that my trip was amazing !! Full of landscapes, meetings people and experiences ! Nicaragua is very nice destination more about volcanos. I did not regret my choice nor my itinerary.

telica volcano
Telica Volcano

If you want to solo travel, whether in Nicaragua or somewhere else, do it ! And if you hesitate, it is because you want to do it. I know that the fear of the unknown is a big factor of abandon but if you can pass through this step, you will not regret it. Live experiences you would never think you would have be able to. You will get sometimes into some inimaginable situations but yet so magical. You will meet people so kind that you will feel at home.

Travel is to enrich your like, bring some emotions and create some incredible memories !

Don’t be afraid anymore and go !


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