South America Roadtrip : Peru, Bolivia & Chile combined

More used to developed countries, I went 3 weeks in South America in June 2017 with some apprehension. The idea didn’t come itself, my friend asked me, who unlike me, because it was her dream to go there. I jumped into the adventure with her ! Everything was so different of what I could live until now : food, safety, transportation …

Here is my itinerary that might help you and give you some ideas.

J1 : Lima

J2 : Lima

J3 : Lima

J4 : Paracas

J5 : Huacachina

J6 : Huacachina – Arequipa

J7 : Arequipa

J8 : Tacna – Arica – San Pedro de Atacama

J9 : San Pedro de Atacama

J10 : Uyuni Salt Flats

J11 : Uyuni Salt Flats

J12 : Uyuni Salt Flats

J13 : La Paz

J14 : Copacabana

J15 : Puno

J16 : Puno

J17 : Cuzco

J18 : Cuzco : Short Inca Trail

J19 : Machu Picchu

J20 : Cuzco

J21 : Back to Paris

This trip would have been such an incredible eye-opener for me. Landscapes are so unique and absolutely beautiful. People are incredibly kind and thoughtful. It is a unique experience to live that marked me more than my previous trips. It made me completely change my mind about South America and I cannot wait to go back there to explore it more.

Nazca Sunset

What about you, have you already been to South America ? Next destination recommandations over there ?




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